Click link to listen —> Lay Up on Spotify

     This track by AC is very smooth and will set the vibe right for any party or chill session, matching well with the rest of his music making A.C. a very universal emcee, we grabbed some words from the artist and this is what he had to say:

  • “Lay Up was a song I did like super early in the morning with three of my close buddies out in Madison. Since 93 produced it my guy freethe3rd is feat on it and my homie Rich Robbins mixed and mastered as well as (added) some harmonies and vocals on the end, it was just something we wanted to do for the ladies it’s summer time so it was just that type of vibe…” “l also have an EP coming out Aug 11th called the “The Light,” it’ll be steaming on all major services can’t wait for you guys to hear.”

  Make sure you check out all the rest of A.C.’s music!

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